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Why We Are Named Senzu Greens

Now for some, Senzu Greens is just a random name that was created but I’m here to tell you that it’s much more! Senzu Greens was named after a famous action-packed anime “Dragon Ball Z”. It consisted of mesmerizing fights and main character Goku and his companions to save and protect his world from evil aliens and villains. So how does cannabis relate to any of this? Simple, in this fairytale world, there is a magical bean called Senzu Beans. These beans had curating effects like healing or helping with minor injuries and pain. These beans, however, can not heal viruses and  diseases as it was shown in the show trying to heal the main character Goku. These beans will grow your appetite as well as gain an LB every bean that is consumed. Though you won’t gain an LB right away, CANNABIS can help with an appetite which resulting in weight gain. We have been told by the greats that our “Magical” B.C Greens achieve the same great healing quality a senzu bean holds. We hope you try out our greens as we provide tested B.C Buds

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