All About Trichomes

What are trichomes ? And why are people talking about them non-stop!?

This special word we use “Trichomes” are the little crystals you see coating the cannabis flowers. With a naked eye it looks like sugar but it is much more than that. From start to finished growers aim to yield the most amount of trichomes for many reason.

To break it down for beginners there are 3 types of trichomes (not so important in this blog), All in which produce “resin”. Resin is a KEY part in why marijuana plants are sticky and has any effect in humans.

So when it comes to trichomes “more the merrier” will play a huge role, here’s why.


Now this is where the stickiness comes in and why its generally means its higher end than dried products. All about RESIN, All about the STICK. Resin is the reason why we feel the stickiness. generally indicating that the trichomes did its job in producing loads of nice resin.


Resin And Cannabinoids

So why is Resin/Stickiness so important?


There are several different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis that all have their own effects. You can only find cannabinoids in the resin which is produced by the trichomes on the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are the main reason for any of us to smoke or intake weed. In simple terms, cannabinoids are the chemicals that take part in playing with the receptors in your brain. These are the receptors that help in pain relief, medical problems like anxiety, depression and your general high. Without these cannabinoids, cannabis would be like any other plant to humans. This is the main reason why the more resin (stick) the strain has, the more expensive the outcome will be.

So Are Dry Buds Bad?

Depending on the situation expensive sticky flower may not be the option and you’d rather grab big quantity of dry cannabis (generally cheaper) to share or to last longer and there is no shame in that.

Dry buds cause no harm nor do they cause any negative or positive effects potent buds can’t. Dry buds will carry similar trichomes, resin, and cannabinoids but at a lower level. Trying sticky weed can be more beneficial in many ways that dried buds can’t. You can really tell the difference if you smoke joints often.


In conclusion don’t be afraid of getting your hands a little sticky for some sticky weed. Pay a little more to receive a little more back. The overall taste from the potent flower is better and will achieve a better and more true high.

To keep this short, it is simple a math equation. more trichomes = more resin = more cannabinoids = better relieve or more fun.

Now do you understand why stickiness is generally better?

Thank you for enjoying Senzu Greens beginner blog and we will continue to make more <3 Our cannabis flowers will have all ranges for when its time.

-Senzu Greens

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