All these places and B.C finds itself being among the top!

Along with greats L.A and Amsterdam, B.C holds the title for the best weed, but why? Check this out to find out


Re-track to the beginning stages of cannabis, the SEED. Now I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You can’t grow anything great without knowing the seed quality. Now how did B.C get the best seeds? no, it didn’t fall from the sky, B.C has been rotating and circulating its seeds for better longer than we can imagine. Thus finding the right ones and evolving it to be where it is now. Hard work of pure dedication from the people of Canada, B.C and time have paid off.

Now all of these famous strain names like OG Kush, Island Skunk, Rockstar, Gods Bud, Romulan, and Chemo Kush said to believed all came from Canada, B.C. These names speak for themselves as you have probably heard it as you’re reading. No-one knows who produced these beauties but a lot have carried on their work here. Genetics Mean Everything A LOT. Now, these genetics weren’t as potent and high quality as they are today but knowing you have a great strain in hand is a great way to start. B.C growers have done this for many years, result in having one of the top well-known strains around the world.


Most quality buds come from indoor-grown rather than outside. That being said whether and environment does not affect the status of the quality if indoor setup is right. Don’t get me wrong, outdoor growing in B.C is also top-notch but this isn’t the topic here. Find the right seed/genetic/clones and master it with your nutrients, temperature and airflow and you’ll be growing very potent and high THC weed. Simple now because we proud British Columbians made it that easy. We want to thank you for reading and we hope you will try our quality B.C Buds to come.

-Senzu Greens And Trippy Mushrooms

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