Now when it comes to cannabis, It can be very expensive for anyone. Don’t be ashamed, it has happen to all of us at least once.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how could I possibly save money without the obvious statement of smoke less weed. We at Senzu Greens have made 5 pro tips for you to save on cannabis which will help save money.

Tip #1: Rolling The Proper Size Joints

Now rolling big joints and blunts don’t do anything but waste you’re weed. How you may ask? The swirling smoke you see flying around as you stroll on your phone is valuable cannabis going to waste. Weed burns a decent amount speed, meaning that when the joint is lit and you aren’t toking, the more weed you’re wasting. So don’t roll no King Kong fingers sized joints but instead roll Pinner joints. We at Senzu Greens suggest rolling 0.8 – 1 gram in normal sized rollies. These small long packed joints will burn at the same rate but at least you’re burning less when you’re not intaking. These skinny joints will have the similar effects it would if it was big or not

Tip #2: The Best And Right Strain For You

Now it is a proven fact that some cannabis strains get your higher than others. Not only that, people experience different types of high than other people. So find your strain that gets you the high you like. It’s good and simple knowledge to know your difference between Sativa and Indica strains. We recommend to email us at to search for the strains that fit your needs. As better green costs more money, it will help you in ways you never thought. If two hits of top-shelf will get you high versus five to six hits of mid-grade, it’s well worth the extra cash in the long run. Simple math equation. Consider buying premium flowers a long-term investment, as you will smoke less but spend a bit more at the moment entering and purchasing from the store.

Tip #3: Bigger Quantity

Well it may seem like a big move to spend double or triple on your usual order but if you get a discount, why not? As long as you have decent self-control to smoke the same and don’t mind smoking the same strain for a while, this can save you lots of money. If you usually buy an Oz every week for $150 why not 2 Oz for 2 weeks at a discounted price of $275 or $250. You would generally save $25-50 dollars and wouldn’t have the hassle of going in to your bud tender to buy some more. This to me is a win win for those who have found their perfect strain they love.

Tip #4: Glassware

 If you’re trying to save money, pick up a little pipe for $15. They’re a lot easier to clean and rejuvenate than one-hitters, and you’ll use less cannabis than you would in a joint or blunt. Bongs with catchers will also save on cannabis. To save even more we suggest to pack the bowl for perfect one hitters and not multiple hits. Take it all in one go and you will be good for the next few hours. The pipe and bong can last you for as long as you take care of it.

Tip #5: Concentrates / Extractions

Now if you don’t smoke concentrates or haven’t tried, id highly suggests taking this route. Live resin, Shatter, wax, and hashes will save you money to an extent. A gram of shatter can go around $25-35 and can last you for many days depending on if you smoke it with cannabis flowers. a little glob can get you high for hours but some find it to be very rough and too intense. Of course, finding high-quality extractions can help with the roughness and taste amazing but they aren’t meant for amateurs. Sort of like glassware a small bowl/hit of THC extractions can get you by the day or enough to save what you need to be saved. All of the photos above are the extractions we carry to help medicate your needs. Our focus is bring cheap affordable quality extractions right to your door.

Thank You for stopping by and reading our Senzu Greens Beginner Blogs. We hope you continue to support and shop with us

– Senzu Greens And Trippy Mushrooms

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