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‘Tis the season — for colourful light displays and decorations, for yuletide cheer, and for festive cannabis strains! It was a matter of time until someone made the connection here, right? Cananbis may have just been legalized in Canada this year, but for centuries, this holiday has been celebrated around a giant green tree and roaring fireplace blaze. How could we not put two and two together?

 With some help from the fine and incredibly informative folks at both Hytiva and Wikileaf, we proudly present you with 12 festive cannabis strains (mostly in name only) for the 12 days of Christmas.

Start Your Festive Cannabis With These Strains

1. 3 Kings

Roughly two-thirds sativa and one-third indica with THC levels that swing around the 20 per cent range (depending on cultivation methods), this powerful strain is considered best suited for experienced users who prefer a cerebral high. Many have reported it to be a solid choice if you’re looking to relieve your anxiety, or perhaps rid your mind from repetitive thought patterns that may dim your mood. No, it wasn’t named for the Three Wise Men so ubiquitous in traditional accounts of the nativity celebrations of Christmas, but after its supposed lineage. You see, it’s believed to be the product of combining genes from Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, commonly known as the three five-star strains.

2. Deep Sleep

Granting you a pervasive feeling of relaxation that eventually tapers into drowsiness and slumber, this hybrid strain is a cross between the pre-1998 cut of Bubba Kush and Larry OG. Although small, its flowers are impressively dense and solid, with buds varying in shape from spade-like to nearly spherical, then adhering in an indica-typical structure. If properly cured, these flowers smell fruity, albeit with a fermented, slightly rank edge. Freely-associative thinking is thought to be one of its discernible mental effects, but as alluded to at the outset, you probably shouldn’t plan on accomplishing any kind of demanding work after consumption. It’s called “Deep Sleep” for a reason! But maybe that’s exactly what’s on the agenda after an exhausting holiday season.

3. Hawaiian Snow

Combining three Haze parent strains — the sativa Haze, the sativa Hawaiian Haze and the hybrid Neville’s Haze — this award-winning strain is favoured for its ability to produce strong and lightheaded cerebral effects that may render your mind in a state of elevated euphoria, if leaving it feeling a bit foggy. Its effects can span energy and creativity, which make it a suitable choice for artists, musicians and those of a creative vocation. It’s even earned its name, emitting a tropical floral aroma that usually tastes like pineapple. A welcome change from all the cranberry sauce, no doubt.

4. Jack Frost

Notes of pine and pumpkin intersect with undertones of citrus, fresh earth and skunk to give this well-balanced hybrid strain its distinct taste. Sharing a name with the personification of frost, ice, snow, sleet, winter and freezing cold aren’t its only known qualities. Try euphoria, increased creativity and energy. With THC levels known to reach 23 per cent, it’s also believed to assist in the alleviation of insomnia, lack of appetite and pain. Recognizable by its harvest buds that are mossy green in colour along with yellow pistils, it takes anywhere between eight and nine weeks to fully flower.

5. Jesus OG

A fast-acting, indica-dominant strain marked by the functional mental clarity and considerable body relaxation it most frequently inspires, this entry may not have first sprouted on December 25th like its namesake supposedly did, but it can be so potent in influencing artistic expression that occasional psychedelic effects have been reported after consumption. On the flip side, it’s relaxing qualities make it a recurring recommendation for the treatment of depression, pain and stress.

6. Kosher Kush

Imbued with an earthy scent that intensifies with as its buds get broken up — and packing an average THC content of 15 per cent, which can get as high (no pun intended) as 20 per cent — this acclaimed strain won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012, as well as the High Times Indica Cup in both 2011 and 2010. And, while we don’t have time to list eight strains for the eight days of Hanukkah, we’ll use this as our opportunity to represent, seeing as it’s the very first commercial strain to be blessed by a rabbi. No wonder so many contend it can bring upon sensations of improved bliss and enlightenment. Still, novice users are encouraged to take heed, since it’s known to sedate. And quite effectively, at that!

7. Permafrost

With a scent and taste evocative of the winter pine on your Christmas tree, and undertones of freshly churned soil, here’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that currently has unknown THC levels, but which is thought to increase focus and improve sensory processing. It got its name from the frosty layer of crystal trichomes that collect on the buds when harvest-ready, and just as appropriately, it can potentially help freeze out the symptoms of ADHD, arthritis pain, multiple sclerosis and assorted stomach issues.

8. Red Haze

Its history linked to the cannabis industry in Colombia throughout the 1970s, you can likely credit this sativa strain for providing you with a boost of energy, enabling your mind to focus enough to complete tasks quickly. Averaging THC levels between 20 and 22 per cent, it can only be grown by fusing the sativa Neville’s Haze and sativa South American’s combined genetics. Its taste? A mixture of mint and skunk. Its undertones? Fresh soil with a matching scent. Its buds? A deep olive green in complexion, amplified with violet and red hues amongst its amber pistils. No, the holiday connection isn’t so explicit with this one, but red is one of the primary colours of Christmas, so it makes our list.

9. Silver Kush

Silver Bells? More like Silver Kush! For as many that suggest this rare strain is optimal for treating chronic fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation and migraines, there’s just as dedicated a camp that swears by it for the well-balanced, uplifting high that accompanies its consumption. Boasting an aroma that’s earthy, minty and spicy in equal measure, they further believe it possesses the capacity to immediately improve your mood.

10. Sugar Plum Fairy

A sativa-dominant hybrid strain from the prolific breeders behind Pitbull, with samples identifying THC levels anywhere between 9 and 26 per cent, this Nutcracker-themed nug earned top honours at the 2004 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards. Part Berkeley Blues and part Hawaiian Haze Plum, its widely appealing flavour profile and distinctly tropical notes are said to give way to an uptick of fast-paced cerebral thinking. This traditionally brings about either a very social or very productive mood. These upbeat properties can have quite a positive effect for sufferers of mild to moderate stress and depression.

11. Tree of Life

Cultivated by crossing Mendocino Purps with Trainwreck, some say this strain can help you achieve a sense of euphoria, while diminishing any mental negativity. Others propose that it may provide a slight increase of energy beneficial to fuelling creativity and focus. Both agree that it can serve as a worthy alternative for combating chronic fatigue or pain, depression, headaches, nausea and stress. But unlike the clusters of long, needle-shaped small leaves on a Christmas tree, the round sage-green buds on this “Tree of Life” are characterized by their honey-shaded pistils, while its scent resembles damp earth and creamy orange.

12. White Widow

Owing to its probability in improving social stamina without leaving you lethargic, this strain has become a sought-after commodity in the recreational community. And though it appears like it’s been encased in white spider’s silk when its flowers are ready for harvest — how’s that for a white Christmas? — it’s even better identified by its deep earth scent, as well as subtle hints of sandalwood. Some batches have tested above 20 per cent, but THC levels typically average around the low teens.

We Hope You Have A Wonderful Festive Cannabis Month <3

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