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Taste: Herbal, Peppery, Citrus

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric, Creative

Medical: Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Depression

*What You See Is What You’ll Get!**


Lambs Breath

Lambs Breath is otherwise called Lamb’s Bread. Not exclusively is a Sativa prevailing strain, but it was smoked by none other than Bob Marley Himself.

*** FUN FACT ***

The term “lamb’s bread” is common in the Rastafarian religion, mentioned in many Reggae songs.
  As a slang term, it’s also common in Jamaica and simply means great ganja. Dutch cannabis seed banks have taken to calling the strain “Lamb’s Breath,” erroneously thinking that it was Jamaican being pronounced “bread” or “bred.”

With a 5:95 indica/sativa proportion, the strain delivers a stunning 16-21% THC content that will get you high in a matter of seconds. The buds are clingy and huge, however extremely thick simultaneously. Aside from being dim green in shading, the buds are secured by gems and orange hairs.

Concerning the taste, it is very like its smell. It smells like a sweet cigarette at the same time tasting hot and moist with lime suggestions. After smoking the strain, the impacts kick in step by step.

The high begins off by lifting your disposition, don’t be astounded if your vibe is amazingly euphoric. However, the best thing about the strain is that you will feel an expansion in innovativeness and reflection. What’s best about Lamb’s Breath is how the strain kicks in – The effects show up gradually, starting off by lifting your mood, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly burst out laughing during a convo when your friends say something unexpected.

Once the euphoria gets toned down, Lamb’s Breath will let you embrace its ability to stir creativity and introspection.

Since it is a Sativa strain, its belongings are generally cerebral. The psychological incitement has no effects on your body at all.

Be that as it may, of course, you won’t feel tired however you will feel centered and stimulated with the strain. Be that as it may, it is suggested for morning utilize and can do ponders for patients experiencing nervousness, push and even gloom.

Properly cured buds of this strain are strikingly resinous and beautiful, producing large golden green/very purple nugs that are coated in a sticky layer of glandular trichomes and amber pistils. Breaking apart these buds by hand may be difficult, so its recommended to keep a grinder close by.

Lambs Breath offers users a skunky and cheesy aroma with a spicy and gassy undertone.

Its flavor profile is significantly different than its scent, offering a lot smoother smoke that is sweet and spicy with pine and herbal overtones.

THC percentage levels remain in the mid to upper teens, and dominant terpenes of Lamb’s Breath are LinaloolBeta-Caryophyllene, and Pinene.

If you’re just starting off your adventure with cannabis, or you have low tolerance for other reasons, be careful about the dosage.

When overused, Lamb’s Breath can cause dry mouth, dry eyes, and – due to its high THC content – anxiety or paranoia.

If you grow this plant you will immediately notice that the buds radiate a vibrant and pure green or very dark purple. The buds are massive and filled with frosty trichomes all over.

If you are curious about what Bob Marley may have been smoking when he wrote his greatest hits, you’ve got to give Lambs Breath a try.

For an exotic/hybrid AAA+ strain, we highly recommend this.

Overall the lambs breath from Senzu Green sourced in Canada, BC is one of the finest AAA+ quality.

We want to thank you for shopping with us! We hope you enjoy every bit of this amazing strain.

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