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Type: Hybrid

Taste: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Sleepy

Medical: Pain, Stress, Depresion, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite


Lindsay OG

Lindsy OG

If you’re looking for a well rounded and highly effective indica strain, you’ve got it with the Lindsay OG! Also known as Lindsay OG Kush, Lindsay Kush, or simply Lindsay, this strain created by Liberty Farms is an award winning British Columbia original. A favourite amongst indica and indica dominant hybrid lovers, this strain offers a heavy hitting, sedative and full bodied high that is perfect for when you are in need of an experience of ultimate relaxation both physically and mentally. For this reason, the Lindsay OG is also popular for users particularly seeking out strains that offer a range of medical benefits. Its well balanced and strongly potent high backed by a classic and tasty sweet yet pungent flavour profile make this strain a true force to be reckoned with–novice users beware!


Users ought to be careful with how much they are consuming when using this strain as it can easily induce couchlock and is widely considered to be super potent, even amongst the most experienced of cannabis users. The high with the Lindsay OG starts out similar to a sativa high: in the head. Initially, users will gain a sense of clarity and calmness as they are uplifted to a state of happiness. As this cerebral high settles in, however, the indica effects of a relaxing body high will spread throughout the body and limbs, putting you in the utmost bliss. Due to its uplifting and calming nature, Lindsay OG can be used to help manage anxiety, depression and stress, though its sedative effects on the body are also ideal for treating a variety of medical symptoms including chronic pains or aches, cramps, muscle spasms or nausea. Because it is so relaxing and tendency to induce sleepiness, it will also help deal with insomnia. For this same reason, the strain is recommended for night time usage prior to bed. If you’re having a long stressful day, finish it off and relax by snuggling up in your bed with a good movie and treat yourself to some Lindsay OG–you’ll be out in no time!

THC Content

Lindsay OG is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 60% indica to 40% sativa. Its THC content trends between 18% to 21%, though some tests report as high as 23%. While it is known to be a descendant of the infamous and classic OG Kush, its other parent cross remains an unknown mystery. Being a child of OG Kush, however, makes it clear as to why the Lindsay OG is such a heavy and potent strain as OG Kush, also an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 75% to 25% and typically averages between 19% to 24% THC with 1% CBN, has some of the highest THC content in the world and is known throughout the cannabis community for its amazingly euphoric high.

Appearance & Aroma

The bud of Linsday OG is medium sized and tend to be fluffy in shape, similar to popcorn. They are dark olive green in colour with splashes of minty coloured leaves and mossy brown or rusty orange pistils. They are finished with a thick coating of golden crystal trichomes. If you are looking to be discreet, then this strain is probably not for you as the Lindsay OG is quite dank. Its predominant aromas include strong scents of gassy diesel and pungent skunk, which are nicely complemented by a bit of sweetness, though there are also classic kush notes of spices and earthiness. Upon smoking, users will be able to taste that classic smoke blend of skunkiness and diesel, though an herbal sweetness is also tasted upon exhale.

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